Hope you’re superb.

I just re-watched one of my favorite films and wished to recommend it to you (in case you haven’t seen it).

It’s called Maudie.

It’s about a woman from Nova Scotia, Canada (the place where I grew up).

Maudie suffered from acute arthritis. She was mistreated by her family. Her daughter was sold, just after her delivery.

Maudie was an artist—that few thought had any talent.

And yet, in the face of ongoing trials, Maudie continued. She forgave her abusers. She advanced her art. She lived very simply and soulfully. She fell in love.

The movie brought me to tears, at many times. The woman’s faith in herself and her steadfast goodness and the enthusiasm she had to paint.

I won’t tell you what happened at the end. I’ll simply suggest that you watch Maudie. So you enjoy and are reshaped by this story of a so-called ordinary person.

Who has become my new hero.

With kindest wishes and vast applause for all you’re becoming,


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Hope this helps. And please do watch Maudie.

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