In these interesting times we inhabit, each of us bears the responsibility to do all we can to protect our strength and hope, right?

I know this sentiment is unorthodox in a culture that encourages us to blame all outside of us for the way we think, feel and operate.

It’s ever so easy to blame the pandemic and blame the economy and blame adversity for any challenges we face versus remembering that human beings have the power to rise above anything life decides to send us.

As you know if you’ve been following my work these past few years, a fireproofed morning routine is THE golden key to consistently positive, productive and energetic days.

Now, the formulas I share in The 5AM Club are just the beginning—what I call “MVMR” in my mentoring work with many of the world’s most successful people: Minimum Viable Morning Routine.

I recall having coffee with a genuine tycoon who told me he was most financially triumphant when he ran a three hour morning routine designed to grow his mindset, fitness, wisdom and character.

Here’s a photo from my journal on my current/upgraded morning routine [sorry for my messy writing yet it’s real]:

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—your positivity soars in the face of negativity and turbulence

—you x3 your current grade of productivity

—you feel stronger and more peaceful than you have in ages

—your finest energy, fitness and vitality awakens

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Last thing: the manuscript of my new book has been submitted to my publisher HarperCollins. It’ll be out over the coming months. It’s like nothing I’ve ever done and I pray it does amazing things for you.

Hope all this helps and I’ll see you on the inside of the course so we can start getting your mornings to world-class today.

Kindest wishes,


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