Winning In The New YearLast year I was blessed to serve as the personal business/success advisor of some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. I also was privileged to have been called on by companies – in over 43 countries within 12 months – like Starbucks, The Coca-Cola Company, RIM and groups like The Young President’s Organization to help them take their leaders to all-new levels of productivity and performance. It was an intense year of events, airports and hotel rooms.

But all outer performance and productivity begins with you getting your mindset and inner life to its best. Those who will succeed in 2012 vs get knocked down by all the economic turbulence will be those who invest in bulletproofing their mindset – and staying strong on the inside. A staggeringly successful outer life starts by feeling staggeringly successful within. Focus and confidence matter!

So in today’s video I share some of the best personal development practices that I’ve taught to my private coaching clients (who have used them to dominate their industries and live Rare-Air lives).

Watch this training video on The Proven Steps to Winning in 2012:

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My best wishes.

Robin Sharma

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