Go out into this cruel and beautiful world with a heart full of heroism and eyes set to witness the full glory of your powers.

Yes, some seasons will bring misfortune and some times will be hard.

Yet, there is much good in daily life. Neighbours who appreciate you, friends who enliven you and family that adores you.

When it comes to those who wish less than your dreams for you, know they know not what they do. Send them the good wishes that reflect your patience. And the kind understanding that displays your sincere forgiveness. It is a bold act of honor and strength to keep good feelings for all.

Work richly and with dignity, giving more than you receive and produce the magic that celebrates your maker. And respects your genius. [If you’d like my help so you do this quickly in early 2021 learn about my life-changing new online course The 5AM Club Method here].

Keep your life simple, as an addiction to acquisition and deep craving for more can stifle your spirit and hurt your good heart.

...Give more than you take.

...Be more helpful than is necessary.

...And treat each person you meet with decency. This is a route to inner peace and outer success.

Enjoy the company of wise people, the companionship of inspiring books and a healthy relationship with your finest self.

When the crowd seeks to make you like them, stay true to your path—leading by your virtues and the values that feel most real to you.

Remain daring, knowing that the meek and timid do not know the soaring flights that come by leaning into your fears. To postpone the life of your ideals is to invite regret into your days.

Remember that terror is closer to triumph than complacency is. And that fear becomes faith, once you walk into it.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor and the accolades of your masterwork.

Love gently, respecting all around you and the earth that nourishes you.

It took me a long time to write these sincere words for you. I truly pray 2021 will be a year of great fortune, deep peace and masterful creativity for you.

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Let’s make 2021 the greatest year of your life. Yet.

Love + respect,


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