Having been in the “creative trenches” for over 22 years as an artist and content producer, I’ve learned some very powerful insights and tactics to rise above those who seek to attack my work.

Kindly remember the truth:

...You have such glorious talent within you.

...You have luminous opportunities before you.

...You have lavish rewards awaiting you.

Yet, if you haven’t discovered how to “protect your hope” and enthusiastically continue on the path of your heroic mission in the face of naysayers, pessimists and cynics—you’ll stop. And lose.

[And few things will make you suffer more than the pain of your genius unexpressed.]

So while I was on a mountain retreat, I spent a lot of time reflecting on how the true creative/productive legends of history defeated their doubters.

I then felt obligated [and inspired] to share the entire model I recorded in my private journal with you.

So I shot a training video walking you through the whole framework that I call: The Troll Deconstruction.

It will help you get to your 2019 mountaintops enormously.

Go ahead and watch this very valuable video here before my team takes it down:

Hope this helps you x100 your creativity, productivity, prosperity and service to society in 2019.

Love + respect,


P.S. One of the biggest reasons we give up on our dreams in the new year is because people around us laugh at our ambitions! And then we listen to them.

Definitely watch this valuable video to learn how the world’s most successful performers ignored their critics to go on and produce their masterpieces.

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