Many executives come up to me after presentations and ask me about my statement: “Everyone’s a leader.” In my leadership seminars, I make the point that for a company to get to greatness, every person on the team needs to see themselves as a leader. The best companies on the planet grow leaders throughout the organization faster than their competition. Making that happen is their
number one focus. And they do it fast.
But I’m not saying everyone should run the company. That makes no sense. Everyone is a leader but not everyone does the same thing. Here’s a metaphor to drive the distinction home for you. I love U2.
Bono is the lead singer. Larry Mullen Jr. is the drummer. Chaos would ensue if Larry tried to be the lead singer and Bono got confused and played the drums. Or imagine the tour manager thinking he could be Bono for a night and walking out on stage to do so while Bono was in his
dressing room. Not good.
Know your role. Everyone needs to behave like a leader – no matter whatthey do. So everyone needs to take responsibility for getting the results that they are accountable for generating. Everyone needs to do their part to shape culture. Everyone needs to be positive and inspirational. Everyone is a leader. But not everyone is the same.

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