You’ll never know if you don’t even try. There is giant power in asking for what you want. All too often, our internal chatter prevents us from taking the steps needed to get us to our own unique form of greatness. We get kept small from our inner imaginings-so many of which are lies.

The best of the best, those who live glorious lives – that matter – ask like crazy. They understand that it’s a habit that must be polished for it to shine. And the more you do it, the easier it gets (like any skill). And so they ask.  For the support and help they need at work. For the understanding they may seek at home. For a break they need for their business. For a better table at their favorite restaurant. For a better seat at a sold-out concert. And because they ask more, the get more (success always has been a numbers game).

Nothing happens until you ask. People are not mind readers. They need to know what’s meaningful to you, and if you ask nicely, they just might say yes.

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No ask, no, get. There is huge power in asking for what you want. You see, a lot of times we can have what we want, we just don't ask for it so the world around us doesn't know what we want. If the world doesn't know what you want, how can the world deliver what you want?

In your personal relationships, we're not mind readers. If you don't tell your partner what you want, then your partner doesn't know what you want so you can't get what you want. If you don't set your goals, then you cannot get those goals because your brain doesn't know what you want. In your business, if you don't speak up and ask your client what you want, if you don't ... I mean, you talk to any great salesperson, they say, "You need to ask for what you want." Ask for the order, and if you don't, you don't get the order.

But the fundamental mindset I'm trying to invite you to play with is ask, ask, ask, ask. I share it with my children all the time: no ask, no get. And if you ask and you don't get, at least you'll learn. It's not really a failure. The only failure is not trying.


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