One of the most helpful pieces of advice I’ve ever received came from one of my mentors – when I was 21. “Robin, the most important thing in life is to run your own race.” Never forgotten that one. Run your own race. Don’t worry about what others are doing. Stick to your values and cling to your dreams. That brings me to Donny Deutsch.

You have probably seen Donny on his CNBC show “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch”. He grew Deutsch Inc. into a billion dollar advertising powerhouse. He’s innovative, edgy and candid. Does things his way – runs his own race. I’m enjoying his new book “Often Wrong, Never in Doubt”. Here are some gems from the book I want to share with you:

“When you don’t know anything, sometimes you see things extremely clearly.”

“I needed to be backed into a corner in order to get true motivation.”

“Fitting in has never been important to me…I do the Sinatra thing – my way.”

“Be unafraid of failure if it will produce excellence.”

Too many amongst us live our lives like the proverbial lemmings – blindly following each other as we march off a cliff. Live life on your own terms. Don’t live your mother’s life (God bless her) or your neighbor’s life or society’s life – live the one that’s true to you. Remember that line from Dr. Garth Taylor from my blog the other day: “I came into this world with nothing. All I will leave with is my conscience.”

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