There’s very little emotional and spiritual advancement when everything’s going your way.

It’s when your best laid plans meet the supposed enemy of uncertainty that you receive your test as a leader.

As the world gets messier why not work with what’s happening to make yourself braver. That’s how the heroes roll. And the masters play.

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Every great hero was broken. If you were to look at Nelson Mandela, he suffered more than most people. If you were to look at Mother Teresa, she went through incredible adversity over the course ofher journey. If you were to study Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Shakespeare, and Tolstoy. If you look at any great artists, a Picasso, Jean-Michel Basquiat. If you look at the great world-builders, they all suffered.  Let me put it to you this way with great love and respect, they all out-suffered the majority. And what I'm suggesting to you is pain can be transformed into power with the intention to transform pain into power. You see what most people do is, this is why most good people lose, they stumble and they fall and they become a heartbroken or disappointed by life's challenges that happens to every single one of us. I've gone through a lot of hardship in my life. When I was going through school, very few people believed in me and I was dismissed and called very, very average. And the principal at the school I was at said, you're not even going to get into university. You might know my backstory on the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, but that was a self-published book. And I was at the American Booksellers Conference in Chicago with a cover of one of my books around my neck, shaking hands with all the agents that were coming up the escalator. And when I was a self-published author, I used to go into bookstores and say, would you take three copies of my book? I'll sign them. Could you put it on the shelf? And I was treated rudely and I was laughed at, and I was on radio shows and I was ridiculed. And then I've gone through a lot of personal pain in my own life.  And I've been on the top of the mountain of victory. And I must tell you, I have walked the lonely path in the darkness, in the valley of darkness. But Rumi, the great philosopher, said it so beautifully. He said, allow your heart to be broken over and over and over until it opens. And what I'm suggesting to you is really to dial into this insight. All great heroes have been broken, but rather than blaming 27 years in imprisonment, in the case of Nelson Mandela. Rather than blaming his naysayers and his detractors in the case of Mahatma Gandhi. Rather than saying, life is hard, why isn't greatness easy in the case of a Mother Teresa or Martin Luther King Jr.Rather than saying, why did this happen to me in the case of Rosa Parks, who to give up per seat to someone on a bus because she was being treated like a second class citizen because of the color of her skin. These great ones, all had one thing in common, they leveraged their pain and the power. They turned their tragedies into victories. I'm not going to suggest to you that that's an easy process, but if you simply start asking yourself, where am I blaming my current external conditions for my lack of prosperity, my lack of energy, my lack of mastery, my lack of joyfulness and soulfulness. You actually start assuming something that's very powerful and I've written about it in my books and it's called APR, Absolute Personal Responsibility. And the day I grew up was the day I looked in the mirror and said, you know what, I'm responsible for my life and I took absolute personal responsibility. It wasn't because of the energy vampires and it wasn't because of the external conditions and it wasn't because of my past, it was because of me. And start saying to yourself, how can I turn my stumbling blocks into stepping stones? How can I turn my hard times into monuments of strength of character and the great virtues.

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