Study Jay-Z or Cirque du Soleil or Zuckerberg or Lady Gaga. All extreme achievers have one belief in common: good enough is definitely not good enough.

To start seeing explosive gains in your achievement levels, I invite you to make the commitment to using every single day of the rest of your long life as a platform for improvement and a vehicle for daily optimization.

Remember: as you live this day, so you craft your life (the best way to predict the future is to create it in the present). Leave everything you touch 1% better. 

Never stop improving your Mindset. Never stop improving your communication. Never stop improving your fitness.  Never stop improving your productivity. Never stop improving your knowledge base…you get my point…

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NSI, never stop improving. You see, building a great company is less about revolution. It's less about one big project or innovation that allows you to own the game. If you look at the best companies on the planet today, they're all about incremental improvements done consistently every single moment. You see, building a great organization is really less about revolution, and it's much more about evolution.

Small, daily optimizations and iterations done consistently over time lead to a world-class company. NSI, never stop improving.

So you look at titans, everywhere they go, it's all about improving. They want to improve their mentality. They want to improve their health. They want to improve the way that they work in terms of their craft. They're always trying to coach and mentor their teams because the job of a leader is to build more leaders. They're always improving the business, Michael Gerber's idea, not just working in it, but working on it. But I just really want you to remember that
if you want to be a titan, and I know you do, it's all about NSI. Think about relentless optimization around the most important elements of your organization.

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