In these interesting times we inhabit, each of us bears the responsibility to do all we can to protect our strength and hope, right?

I know this sentiment is unorthodox in a culture that encourages us to blame all outside of us for the way we think, feel and operate.

It’s ever so easy to blame the pandemic and blame the economy and blame adversity for any challenges we face versus remembering that human beings have the power to rise above anything life decides to send us.

In this episode of The Daily Mastery Podcast by Robin Sharma, you’ll lock and load on some key insights around APR: Absolute Personal Responsibility.⁣

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They blame their outer conditions versus seeing it as an opportunity to grow themselves. Look, every great hero was broken. Now if you were to look at Nelson Mandela, he suffered more than most people. If you look at Mother Teresa, she went through incredible adversity over the course of her journey. If you were to study Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Shakespeare and Tolstoy. If you look at any great artists, a Picasso, a Jean-Michel Basquiat. If you look at the great world builders, they all suffered. Let me put it to you this way with great love and respect. They all out-suffered the majority.

And what I'm suggesting to you is pain can be transformed into power with the intention to transform pain into power. You see what most people do is this is why most good people lose. They stumble and they fall and they become heartbroken or disappointed by life's challenges. That happens to every single one of us.

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