Mastering communication is essential for leadership success.

Leaders host productive conversations.  Use laser-like accuracy. Be specific. Precision is a defining characteristic of great leadership.

And please remember: getting good at communicating is like getting good at tennis: the more you practice, the better you’ll get.

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Be clear in your communication. A lot of people, we are trying to say something in a hard talk, having a difficult conversation, but we're dancing around the issue. Be clear. Be precise. Give examples. Say to that person, "Here's what happens when you do this, and here are specific examples," and then you are going to be very clear to the other person. And the final thing is let go of the issue. Once the other person has understood what's important to you, once you've got it out of your system, let it go and move on with the next level of your day, the next level of the relationship, the next level of your life. There are too many people that are stuck in the past. There's no way you're going to build a gorgeous future if you're living in the past. So, I hope it's been helpful to you. The big idea is simply this, hard conversations build your power as a leader, as a performer and as a human being.


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