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To understand that the brain has a natural negativity bias. And I've alluded to this and spoken about this on previous podcasts, but this ancient brain, the amygdala, it served us really well. It was a survival mechanism that was developed within the human brain hundreds of thousands of years ago. We were out on the Savannah and we had to fight, we had to be hyper-vigilant to sabertoothed tigers, to starvation, to being killed. And now we are in modern society but we still have this ancient brain, this negativity bias. And what I'm suggesting to you, and I know you know this, but how many times in your own life, you have a great day, you focus on the tiny losses. You have a great life, your brain naturally goes to the things that are not right.You give a great presentation to a hundred people and you focus on one negative comment.With your intimate partner, he or she has a thousand incredible qualities, and you focus on the three negative qualities. Why does that happen? It's because your brain has a natural bias towards negativity, the negativity bias. And again tonight, pull out your journal and write about the negativity bias and how that's depleting you and how that's limiting you.

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