Philanthropy is born of prosperity.

And the real key to wealth is service. Be of use. Release art into the world. Because the more people you help and the more value you deliver the more life rewards you in kind. And the more you can give to a world in need.

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Prosperity. I'm not going to be one of those people who is going to suggest to you money is not important because philanthropy comes from prosperity and I am a philanthropist. And I believe when you make money, it allows you to do amazing things for yourself, amazing things for your loved ones. You want to be financially free. It allows you to serve the world. One of my favorite books is The Billionaire Who Wasn't. Read the book. It's about the gentleman who started the duty-free shops that you see in all the airports and that was just a revolutionary concept because, as you know, originality's the key to legendary. And you'll never rise to iconic if you're copying other people in your industry. You've got to come up with an idea, a product, an insight that literally massively disrupts what has always been in your industry.

That's how you build an empire. That's how you change the world. And so he came up with this idea, "Why don't we sell duty-free goods at airports?" And then he did the relationships and it made him a fortune. Here's the beautiful thing. He made a commitment to give everything away, the billions, while he was alive. It was just a commitment he made with his wife. And last I heard he was in San Francisco living in a relatively small apartment and I think his net worth was under $5 million. A lot of money, but he was a billionaire. Larger point. Philanthropy is a beautiful thing to consider as you live out the rest of your life. Make enough money so you can give enough to your loved ones and then give the rest away. I've never seen a moving truck following a hearse on the way to a funeral. You don't get to take it with you. The great heroes understood that. That's why they had very little possessions. What fired them was service and creativity and living their gifts and changing the world, not the accumulation of nicer handbags and bigger watches

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