You are born into genius, but have you resigned yourself to mediocrity?

The instant we drop our excuses is the moment we enjoy freedom from pain, because potential unexpressed and dreams left undone are what cause the regret that powers all suffering. 

I’d love to help you play at your absolute best, in this era of immense upheaval. And so...

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Pain is potential unexpressed. So if you want to live your joy, learn and grow but also remember if you're spending all your time watching videos and breaking news and chit-chatting and playing with your devices and playing games versus getting in the pocket of world-class and honoring your potential so you live a world-class life and do work that endures the generations.

If you just waste your time and waste your talent. If you betray the genius that longs to see the light of day, well what starts to happen is this psychic pain starts to well up inside you. And more than anything else you start to disrespect yourself at a conscious and subconscious level. This is very profound. I want you to think about this later. If you betray your potential, you start to disrespect yourself and you start to fall into self-betrayal.

And that builds this huge subconscious reservoir of low self-worth. And that's why you just sort of give up, you have apathy. There's no sparkle in your eye. You don't walk towards your fears anymore. You don't really care that much about your work and your love and your health and your life. And you resign yourself to the cult of mediocrity rather than playing in the place where you and I both know you belong to be, in the rare-air of mastery.

So I hope this episode has inspired you and challenged you to stand up and step up your game as a learner so you live a world-class life.

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