Bravery is not a natural gift, but a developed talent. Practice it just like you train in a sport to get better. 

And please remember -  the best work you can ever do is working on a braver you. Our world needs you to rise up to your best, as never before.

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Practice bravery training. You know, you want to be a great footballer, we understand you've got to put in the time to practice. You want to be a great chef, we understand you've got to do the practice. You want to be a great entrepreneur, you've got to put in the hours of rigour and discipline, building your business. You want to be a great chess champion, of course they're obsessed monomaniacally with practice. And yet when it comes to fear, we don't live in a society that values bravery training. You don't really hear people saying "Use this day to practice becoming fearless."

And yet we all know the 10,000 hour rule. We all know the 10 year rule, pioneered by Anders Ericsson at University of Florida, the preeminent researcher in the field of exceptional performance. And that 10 year rule has now been popularized by a lot of authors. But what he found was this. If you look at any great performer, they had one thing in common. They spent the equivalent of 10 years or 10,000 hours practicing their skill before the first signs of genius showed up. And so to become fearless, why not find some time every day to practice becoming fearless? Why not use whatever irritates you or frustrates you or frightens you during your day as bravery training?

So let's say your supervisor walks in and says, "Tomorrow I'd like you to give a presentation on that project you did so brilliantly on." And start to pay attention, you'll notice you start to feel afraid. Develop the mindset where you say, "Okay, I'm going to say yes." Because that is bravery training. Let's say you go home and with your intimate partner, you want to speak up. You want to say something, maybe you want to ask for more love. Maybe you want to ask for one of your needs to be met, because you feel it's unmet. But then you feel well, what if he or she judges me? What if I get laughed at? What if they think I'm strange? Develop the mindset where you recognize that everything that scares you is bravery training.

So what I'm suggesting is really practice becoming fearless and you will become a fearless human being.

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