Big idea: what you value in your life increases in value. What you think about and focus on grows. What you appreciate begins to appreciate. Appreciate your good health, you’ll value it more. Appreciate your family, same deal. Appreciate your gifts, your friends, your work and your life and your perception begins to shift. You see the blessings of your life (versus the broken parts).

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The psychological term is called hedonic adaptation. You get a new car and you love the new car until it becomes your new normal. You buy a new house or you have a roof over your head, if you were homeless and you take it for granted. That's hedonic adaptation. It's a survival instinct that we have to fight. And how do you fight taking things for granted, hedonic adaptation? The reply or the way you fight it is deliberate gratitude. And I am writing almost every day in my journal about what I'm grateful for.

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