The best work you will ever do is working on a braver you. 

Imagining your next-level of heroism and then having the guts to get that dream done is, to me, why we are here. Yes, getting into the ring brings the risks of a knockout punch. I should know because I’ve been struck by a bunch. And yet, isn’t that part of the sport of living?

And to know the victory of getting back up, though bruised and bloodied, is one of the greatest satisfactions of a courageous human existence.

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Release your attachment to outcomes. Now you say, "Robin, what are you talking about?" One of the real reasons we don't do the things that are frightened us is because we are afraid of being judged. We are afraid of failure. We are afraid of success. We are afraid of stumbling. What I'm suggesting to you is one of the reasons we don't really step into our heroic nature as human beings is because we're attached to the outcome. And so just developing the philosophy where you live in the moment you do the things that frightened you and you don't really worry about what happens. That will develop a sense of fearlessness and a sense of bravery.

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