Plagues have happened before. Human beings made it through them and often used the hardship to breed innovation that upgraded society.

During this storm, rather than play victim and wish things were the way they used to be (those days are gone), elevate your leadership game and out-invent everyone around you.

Rather than freezing, create new value that your marketplace will adore. Products that customers now need more than ever and services that will help them make their desires real.

Suffering has always provided soil for awesome creativity, next-level productivity and innovation.

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Ingenuity and innovation are absolutely essential. And if you're not growing and optimizing your products, and your team, and the value you deliver, and the user experience, and your marketing and your operations, you're actually on the path to obsolescence and irrelevance. So what I'm suggesting to you is you always want to be leaving every product you touch better than you found it. You want to be a relentless innovator, especially when you're successful, especially when you have hoards of people and the majority doing business with you. You'd never want to rest on your laurels, you never want to coast on your winning formula, you want to have the bravery and the wisdom to break your winning formula from time to time. And you know what? It's not an easy balance. You basically want to keep the core things or the core ways of being values that have helped you. And at the same time, you want to break some of your winning formula so you're bringing new, fresh value to the field because the marketplace rewards originality. And I'll repeat that again, because it's such an important one. Your marketplace rewards originality. The fresh product, the new musical artist, the new film, the new restaurant with the food that disrupts the entire industry because it's so gloriously original is the one everyone talks about, is the one people love to do business with. So you want to have the wisdom to continually make what you're doing better and better. And where does that come? It comes from you growing, it comes from you staying humble, comes from you not losing the sparkle in your eye so that you keep on getting better and better.

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