I’m getting a ton of requests to do a version of my new book The 5AM Club for youth.

Well, I have something even better for you if you’re a parent who wants to help your children rise before the sun to run The 20/20/20 Formula so they fully express their gifts + talents.

I did a super cool interview with UK-based influencer Mimi Bouchard. She’s pretty famous among the 15-30 group and I wanted to share the podcast episode with you as it is LOADED with awesome value.

My encouragement is to play it after a family meal so you all learn the insights and methods as a tight and loving unit.

Hope this helps your children and family rise to world-class.

Love + respect,



P.S. Personal Mastery Academy 2019, my transformational 2-day live event that has helped so many people make their fortunes while enjoying beautiful lives, is coming up in June.

...for everyone asking, sorry—registration isn’t open yet.  

...given the demand, we’ve set up a Waiting List for seats. First come first served.

...go ahead and watch the event trailer to see what all the buzz is about here.

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