It’s in the face of fear, doubt and danger that we are given the chance to test out our wisest, bravest and biggest selves. 

The aim is not to grow into someone other than who you are; the goal is to work through the layers of doubt and fear that you’ve accumulated on this earthwalk to remember who you truly are. Use any fear surfacing to heal, grow and strengthen yourself. Hard times activate hidden wounds that can be remedied.

Making you stronger, wiser and more loving when the pandemic ends.

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Embrace the mess. You want to be fearless. Remember that the things that you now find easy were initially hard. You want to become fearless? Remember that every master was once a beginner. You want to become fearless? Remember that all change is hard at first and it's messy in the middle and it's beautiful at the end. And so, as you go from where you now are to where you want to be in terms of your confidence and your fearlessness, welcome the mess. I mean, progress is messy. Standing in the fire of your next-level of potential is terrifying. But you have a choice. You can spend the best hours of your best days as a timid soul, locked into your current thinking, locked into your current emotional life. And that's just a recipe for stagnation. And that's really just a recipe for a life filled with regret. The second choice you can make is embrace the mess. Do the things that frighten you. Ask yourself, what things are blocking me and limiting me in my potential, in my life, in my income, in my creativity, in my happiness? And literally takeout a piece of paper and start to record the things that you're frightened to do because every single thing you're frightened to do is carrying a little bit of your power or a lot of your power. And the moment you actually do the thing that you're frightened to do, you take back your power that you gave to that condition and you become a more powerful person. And if you do that every day by using every day as a platform for higher levels of bravery than the rest of your life is just an exercise in you becoming world-class.



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