Massive productivity without intelligent recovery leads to depletion of ability.

Please study the model in The 5AM Club called the "Twin Cycles of Elite Performance” and once you learn/apply it, it will help you work x2 less and yet be x3 more productive. 

Recovery isn’t a luxury—it’s an absolute NECESSITY [for growth and the full expression of your gifts + talents]. ⁣

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World-class is a series of seasons. I want you to remember this. Exceptionalism is cyclical. And so, you might put out your masterwork and then you might reach a season where you just don't have the same game. You're not as excited about learning. The whole idea of a growing seems exhausting to you.

Honor the plateau. Honor the season. If you look at any of the great artists, they had periods of incredible productivity and periods of incredible recovery, where they were reading or hanging out with their friends or resting or spending a lot of time in the wilderness versus in the world. And so, I think if you really want to be legendary and play the long game, enjoy the plateau. Enjoy the seasons, not only of productivity, but the seasons of rest, the seasons where you're enjoying life. The seasons of non-doing are equally important for you ultimately creating a body of work that will stand the test of time. And for you to overall have growth in your career versus complacency.

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