Run your own race. Who cares what others are doing? 

The only question that matters is "Am I progressing?"

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Run your own race. And that's really the first lesson I learned from one of my mentors, run your own race, stay in your own lane, you know, you have no competition if you are in your own division. And what I mean by that is simply this: it's so easy to get swept off your game, swept off your vision, swept off your values, swept off your focus, when you're measuring your success and your performance by your so-called peers in your industry or your competition within your craft. And that lesson was so profound, he simply said, "Run your own race". You know, come up with your ambition, come up with your vision and have the singular focus and the character discipline to say, "I'm just going to put these blinders on and stay true to myself, true to my values, true to my vision, you know, run your own race, stay in your own lane. You know, measure success by how close you're getting to your mountaintop versus the mountaintop of your competition, or your neighbors. 

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