Be a master of your craft.

Titans of their fields get that elite performance takes years of deep training. They see themselves as apprentices, learning the skill (often at the feet of a master) step by step, day by day. They commit to their education. They ritualize the discipline. They understand greatness takes time.

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Self-mastery along with total craft mastery, I don't see my job as a job. I see my work is my artistry. It's my craft. I wrote a book many years ago called The Greatness Guide and there was a line in there called see your job as your craft no matter what you do. Pizza maker, taxi driver, street sweeper, manager, receptionist, barista in a coffee shop. See it as a craft. Be like the fine watchmaker in Switzerland learning, getting mentors, calibrating, refining, out studying, out preparing every single day so you bring on your magic in your work. And watch what happens to your income, your impact, and the applause of your marketplace.

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