Had a conversation with an old friend the other day. He’s done some tremendous things with his business and carved out a tremendously meaningful life for himself. Said something that I wanted to share with you. Because it speaks to the best way to influence other people. Leadership by example.

“Robin,” he said. “The greatest sermon in life is the one you see.” To me, he meant make your life your message. Live your truth. Walk your values. Behave your philosophy.

So easy to talk a great game. Far harder to live it. But the best do. Elegantly. Consistently. Passionately.

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Remember that people are watching no matter what you do. People are observing you. They're observing your manners. They're observing your gracefulness. They're observing your values in action. They're observing and watching how you treat
people. They're observing what you say. They're observing the quality of your work. They're observing how hard you work, your family, especially your children. Those little eyes or big eyes, they're watching the words that you use, the example that you set, the values that you express.

And I'll just leave you with this. My encouragement for you is to make the rest of your days a
model of possibility in terms of what's available for a human being to live. What do I mean by that? Lead by example. Show us what's possible. Show us the extent to which a human being can express creativity and productivity and greatness and love and audacity and show us wonder.

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