2017 is nearly done. And I need to ask you 5 quick questions related to how you lived out this year:

Q1. Did you rock your craft and own your field?

Q2. Did you raise your energy, vitality and longevity?

Q3. Did you accelerate your prosperity and live with unusual abundance?

Q4. Did you surround yourself purely with “energy fuellers” and zero “happiness stealers”?

Q5. Did you make 2017 the single greatest year of your life yet?

If you answered “yes” to my questions, I seriously applaud you. I’ll share some practical insights below that will help you elevate your momentum and inspirational fire.

If you answered “no”, then don’t worry. 2018 is your fresh opportunity to make the self-optimizations and personal iterations to get you back on track, shatter past limits and lead the professional and private life we both know you deserve. And have the natural power in you to create.

We are all constructed to be victorious, in our own authentic way. Yet, if you’re not doing the things you need to do to experience your wins, how can you possibly win?

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sending you some superstrong information I’ve handcrafted that will absolutely multiply your success, x25 your joy and show you clearly what to do to become UNDEFEATABLE in 2018.

Look out for it, study it and then have the acumen/wisdom/devotion to act on it [because nothing happens until you move; and life celebrates the DOERS versus the talkers].Well, for today’s ‘burst of value’, please know that the 4 proven ideas below will get you moving in the right direction...of your brightest life... 

...so you start the New Year magnificently [and a fantastic start will set you up for a magical finish]. 

#1. Do Your Stop Doing List

So many among us do lists of resolutions and charts of goals. My suggestion to you is that, even more importantly, do a list of things you will no longer participate in: A Stop Doing List. 

Strip out all the bad habits, time wasters and unhealthy pursuits you’ve allowed into your personal universe and you’re left with a gorgeous life rich with creativity, productivity and contributions to humanity.

Ideas for your Stop Doing List include:

--stop making excuses for what’s not working in your life. You created the situation and you can create your way out of it. Be not a victim in 2018. 

--stop spending your brilliance and highest potential playing games on your phone. 

--stop complaining and reset your focus on all your blessings, gifts and opportunities. 

--stop watching the news and replace that time reading a helpful book for 60 minutes each day. 

--stop sleeping too much and join my “5AM Club” [it truly is a Gargantuan Competitive Advantage]. 

--stop accepting average performance at work and start studying/practicing so you lift your game. 

#2. Script a 2018 Hero Book

Great Hollywood screenwriters write their endings first. So should you.

Go invest in a journal [not that I’m so special—I’m not—but downloading my learnings, insights and gratitudes in my journal for between one to three hours a day has been my consistent practice for 20+years; it has transformed my core and saved my life].

Then, before 2017 finishes, fill the journal with your life script declaring, in as much detail as possible, how you wish 2018 to unfold. I suggest you use my 8 Forms of Wealth framework and write about your intentions and aspirations in the following main areas that I believe all must be nourished daily for a world-class life [money is just one metric of true wealth, I believe you’ll agree]. 

1. Personal mastery 
2. Health and vitality 
3. Family and friendships 
4. Craft and career 
5. Prosperity and financial freedom 
6. Adventure and a wonderful lifestyle 
7. Your peer circle and associations 
8. Your contribution and legacy 

...Vague plans deliver vague results. 

...So get this exercise done quickly so you hardwire in some serious clarity, conviction and passion to start 2018 like the genius you’re meant to become. 

#3. Forgive the Unforgiven

Few things drain your fire and destroy your gifts than carrying around people who have hurt you on your back. Here’s a precious skill for leading a legendary life: learn to let go. Sounds so very basic and easy to execute yet it’s not. But learning to let go of those who caused you grief and releasing the experiences that no longer serve your rise to amazing is super important if you’re ready to make 2018 your absolute best year yet. 

“Ok Robin, so how do I do it?” you wonder. You just do it. You just vote for your beneficial future versus living your days stuck in something that happened back in 1922. You just decide to move ahead. To live richly. To understand that everyone does the best they can do based on their level of wisdom, maturity and private power. And if that person who disappointed you could have done better, they would have done better. Right?

#4. Calibrate Your Vitality

Energy. Stamina. Peak health. The assets of A-Players.

...You can’t rise to legendary if you lose your longevity.

...You won’t lead your industry if you fall sick.

...You aren’t going to produce “masterwork” level output if you’re dead.

...Just saying.

So starting today [yes, I do mean today and because I care about you I’m really pushing you in this message], eat less food, eat cleaner ingredients, drink more water, move your body and sweat for 20 minutes in the morning, get into nature daily, breathe fresh air deeply, sunbathe a little and hack your sleep so you rest soundly [sleep deprivation ruins your moods, depletes your energy and minimizes your lifespan].

Ok. Hope these ideas are helpful and practical and inspirational for you.

You CAN make 2018 the single greatest year of your life yet. The question really is WILL you?

...Will you de-install limiting beliefs?

...Will you carve in some new routines and rituals that accelerate your performance?

...Will you let go of the people who irritate, frustrate and exhaust you?

...Will you commit to some brave goals and audacious ambitions?

...Will you become a better learner and a world-class student?

...Will you stop making excuses so you start the generation of remarkable results?

You know I’m here to help you.

I truly do think you have a genius within you.

Definitely use this fresh new year you’ll soon be receiving to step into the possibility, bigness and mastery the best within you is craving to see.

Lots of Love,


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Ok. Go be wow today!

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