As I write this message to you, it’s morning time. My heart is full of gratefulness and my mind is very much at ease.

The year, to date, has been one of deep creativity and devoted productivity — as I refined and iterated and completed my new book, The 5 AM Club.

Note: In almost every message I send you, I do my human best to shine the spotlight on you. And to provide rich and sincere value for your leadership, life and legacy. This one shares a victory I’m experiencing.

Hope that’s cool with you...

...writing this book was a hard, beautiful, dangerous, frustrating, exhilarating, exhausting, fulfilling and transformative process.

Even if I don’t sell more than a hundred copies, it’s been one of the highest wins of my life. Why? Because the process itself has deepened me, grown me and remade me. As an artist. As a man. And as a human.

I plan to do a MasterClass of the lessons I’ve learned over the four years of writing The 5 AM Club, yet I’ll share 5 quick insights right now in the spirit of helpfulness:

1. When you go to the jagged edges of your creative potential, you catch awesome glimpses of your next-level of potential.

2. When you raise the standards to which you hold your work to, your standards rise in every other area.

3. Creatives attempting to lift the world will face the resistance of those who are stuck in average.

4. Rest when you're tired so you come back to the work regenerated.

5. Your intentions shape the work.

I’ve put my mind, heart and soul into this new book. I’ve given it all I have to give you.

I truly hope it transforms the way you think, work, live and serve.

If you’d like to pre-order a copy for yourself and your friends, simply click here.

Finally, please allow me to offer my heartfelt thank you for all the encouragement, support and love I’ve received as I worked on the book.

Thank you.


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