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Shift from the past into the beauty of the future. You see the average people, the 95% cohort, it's all about the past. Well, here's the kind of athlete I was back in 1922.

You know what? I was really passionate about doing world-class work back in1943. And then, they start blaming their past for why their lives are not working. But if you're addicted to your past, of course, you're never going to do anything amazing in your future. And the game-changer is all about a bold and brave and gorgeous future. Making every day better than yesterday. Making the coming year better than last year even if last year was the single best year of your life. Now, we all get heartbroken. We all get hurt. We all experience adversity. So the real key is to see the past as a university, a university toward mastery. Basically ask yourself, how can I leverage the heartbreak? How can I leverage my trial? How can I leverage that dark time in the valley of pain that I went through two years ago or last year to bring on more humility, more bravery, more humanity, more light, more love, more mastery into the world.


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