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Hi, it's Robin Sharma. I hope you are amazing in hot pursuit of your lofty ambitions and chasing down your heroic mission. When you look at the great geniuses of the world, the Davincis, the Michelangelos, the Shakespeares, the Jean-Michel Basquiats, even the Joan of Arcs' and the Oprah Winfreys' and the highly creative people and the most scientific people and the real inventors, the real innovators, they all had one thing in common, they loved isolation. They love solitude. They loved silence. They loved stillness in a world that just can't stop talking and playing with their devices and making noise upon noise upon noise.  That really brings me to the word mastery. I love the word mastery very much.

I'm inspired when I see an elite athlete or when I see someone who's a titan of their industry or when I see someone who is a school teacher, or maybe a taxi driver, or maybe someone who's a baker or coder, an everyday hero, but they're holding themselves to the highest of standards in a world where a lot of people are just putting in the time so they can wait until 5 o'clock and go home. And it really brings me to an insight that I want to offer to you and I want you to really reflect on, and it's this, which is being busy, being busy is a flight from your mastery. So what we do as human beings is we come up with these subconscious escape routes.  Again, they are subconscious, so we're not even aware of them.

And we escape from our responsibility to live our gifts and our talents and our greatness. And we don't even see because a lot of us aren't aware enough about our weak side. We're not aware of our limbic hijack. We're not aware of our ego screaming. We're not aware of our micro and macro trauma within our Heartset and that's why Heartset is so important, it's not just Mindset, which is your psychology, it's your Heartset, your emotionality. And it's not until you do that deep work to work through your hidden undeservability, your hidden guilt, your hidden anger, your hidden shame, your hidden fears and release those through all the tactics that I talk about. Like it might be talk therapy, it might be journaling, it might be prayer. It might be meditation, it might be nature walks where you reflect. And as you move through what Carl Jung, the great psychologist called, the vast subconscious, then you start to become more intimate with your primal glory.

So the real point is this, where are you self sabotaging in ways that you might not currently be aware of, and simply starting to think about answering that question will allow that subconscious self-sabotage to see the sunlight of your attention and your awareness. As you know, for my Three Step Success Formula, with better awareness of where you're self-sabotaging, you can make better daily choices and with better daily choices, you are certain to see better daily results. Better awareness, better choices, better choices, better results. And that's the power of even asking yourself great questions. You can start to become more aware and with that greater awareness, I'll put it to you this way, as you know better, you can do better.

So we all have the responsibility to live our genius. I believe we have a call on our lives to go out there in our work and in our personal lives to show up at our best. And when we escape by distraction, when we escape by medication, when we escape by too much alcohol, when we escape by gossip, when we escape by too much entertainment, when we escape by sleeping too much, when we escape by being busy, being busy versus getting in the game and doing work that causes you to be the Picasso of what you do, you're not only betraying the best within you, you're not only missing a chance to lift other people up around you by showing people what's possible, you're creating pain. Because potential unexpressed turns to pain. I'm going to repeat that again because it's so important. Potential unexpressed turns to pain.

And if you look at why so many people self medicate, whether it is with too much alcohol or drugs, or too much TV or too much digital devicing, or too much sleep, or too much gossip or too many excuses, those are all medications. Those are all flights from your greatness. And as you start to do that self-mastery work that I so believe in, because your outer life is a reflection of your inner life. You want to upgrade your outer world, upgrade your inner world, the Four Interior Empires of Mindset, Heartset, Healthset, and Soulset that are such a core of my work. Well, when you do that, your outer life cannot help but rise with you. Because your income and your impact always follows your self-identity and your personal glory. And as you become more intimate, not with your egoic self, but with your heroic self, so you start to remember who you truly are.

You start to enter the magic Mr. Riley talks about in The 5AM Club. You start to see not through your visual bias, your perceptual filter, your lens through which you see the world, you start to see the truth. All of the great saints, all of the wisest amongst us, they talked a lot about the truth. See the truth.

What do they mean? I believe what they mean is this. Almost everyone on the planet, unless you're enlightened and a Saint and a great master, we're all seeing through what Joseph Campbell called, the stained glass window. We're all seeing through our perceptual filter made up of our biases in our Mindset, the beliefs that our parents told us, our teachers told us, society told us, advertisers told us, our culture has told us. So we're seeing the world not as it is, we're seeing the world as we are.

We're not seeing the truth, we're seeing through a filter, but also we've got our Heartset. So we're seeing through the energy of our lower-grade emotions, as well as through some higher-grade emotions. And it's not until we pull out the eyeglass or the sunglass cleaner and wipe away the messy, toxic beliefs and traumatic emotions that lurk at our core for human beings that we start to see the truth. And when we start to see the truth, we start to become possibilitarians. When we see the truth, we not only see all the opportunities out there, the goodness of people, we not only see what we can do in the world in terms of being value deliverers, and being masters of our craft. We also start to see the forgotten parts of ourselves. And that is when we shift from the ego to the hero. It's when we reclaim
our mastery. It's when we reclaim our primal creativity, it's when we reclaim our natural productivity.

It's when we go out in the world and we perform at our best because we remember who we truly are. There are no extra people on the planet, every single person, if they were to let go of their Mindset limitations, their Heartset limitations, their Healthset limitations, their Soulset limitations through the interior work that I teach in the Circle of Legends in such a deep way, they would steadily through tiny triumphs each day, through micro-wins each week create a tsunami of mastery that would allow them to be a hero on the planet. This is not just for the Nelson Mandelas' or the Elon Musks' or the Oprah Winfreys' or the people we admire, whether it's in sports, sciences, business, or humanitarians. Every single person on the planet has the potential for genius in their own way.

A woman on social media the other day said, she sent me a very respectful but she was trying to understand something and she said, "I read The 5AM Club, I followed your work for many years and you have such a unique language. You talk about mastery through legendary, you've always talked about upgrading your iconic impact, legendary, iconic, epic, exponential productivity, titan," all these words that I've introduced in my work for so many years. And she said, "Well, I'm just an ordinary person. I'm a mother and I'm a business woman and I'm doing my best and I don't know if I'm legendary. I don't know if I'm iconic. I don't know if I'm a titan. I don't know if I'm an A-player. It makes me feel not enough." And I really heard her and I thought about it and what I'm trying to do in the use of those aspirational words, exponential productivity, epic producer, legendary performer.

It's very much about just lifting you, reminding of your mountaintop, because I think in the world, there's just too much, let's all be mediocre. Let's all be average. Let's accept our wounding. Now let's embrace where we're at. And I think it's important embrace where you're at but I also think it's important to remember that human beings have been designed for progress. It's a survival instinct, right? Neuroplasticity, which is the ability for the brain to grow as we try new skills and then practice into consistency, right? That's the power of routinizing your daily habits.

Well, we're built to grow and when we grow, I think, we don't feel pain, we feel heroism, enjoy, we're happiest actually, when we're climbing our mountaintops, whether those are creative, productive, and personal. So I wanted to offer you this fiery piece of content to encourage you, hopefully to inspire you and to give you some insights that will remind you, beat your self-sabotage, so you can build intimacy and fluency with all you truly are. And as you do that on daily basis, it's remarkable how much stronger you're going to get even 30 days from now.

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