For people thinking like victims, the road ahead will be grim.

...for those who have been building their leadership strengths, calibrating their morning routines, installing the habits of mastery and fireproofing their personal capacities, the future will be incredibly bright.

In today's episode of Daily Mastery Podcast, Robin Sharma shares a a game-changing insight on how to install a leadership mentality. And as you rise into more creativity, bravery, confidence and power, your fine example will inspire us all to do the same.

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Is your default reply a symptom of a mindset of can't, or do you have a mentality of possibility? When someone says, "Here, read this book," do you shift into can't or can? When someone says, "Hey, you know what? I'm amped to run a marathon." Do you go, "I can't"? 

Is that your default setting in your neurobiological hard-wiring? Or do you go, "Absolutely," or, "I'd love to do this." It's really, really important, and that is one of the core distinctions of leadership, isn't it? It's victimhood or leadership.

And I respectfully suggest to you every single day, we don't only have an opportunity to show leadership without a title, we have a responsibility to do so.

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