Oh, the struggle...

...we struggle for our dreams and to insulate our hopes against the criticism of naysayers.

...we struggle to advance in the direction of the values we hold dear in a cold world where many have closed their hearts.

...we struggle to find joy, quiet and inner peace at a time of exponential noise, violent uncertainty and widespread complexity.

And yet—I’ve come to realize that it is in the struggle that we are most alive.

It’s in the face of fear, doubt and danger that we are given the chance to test out our wisest, bravest and biggest selves.

Rather than wishing for easier days, perhaps we should be praying for greater strength.

If you were to ask me “Robin, if there was only one thing I could do to turn struggle into power, doubt into leadership and paralysis into results, what would it be?” I’d say this...

...work on you. Your inner core. Because life always reflects you. And during this time that we cannot go outside, the smartest among us are going inside.

So that when this all ends, they will model mastery, act on possibility and completely lead the field.

I wanted to do something super-special to help you build a noble and brilliant inner life, the kind that inspires you to do amazing work, realize epic wins and experience the genuine gorgeousness of a life well-lived.

You CAN do this. And NOW is the perfect time to reclaim your lost genius...

...so I’ve given you access to my latest eBook, The World-Changer's Manifesto for absolutely zero cost.  

Go ahead and claim your free copy here.

Hope all this helps.

Stand strong and be of good courage.

Love + Respect,


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