Hi. With the new book nearly done I have more energy to handcraft more messages for you like the one below that will help you upgrade your positivity, as you begin 2021.

The best way to beat fear is to fill yourself up with so much hope that there’s no room for despair to enter, right?

So read this piece carefully. Please. [Feel free to share it, if it will serve others as well].

A Memorandum to Possibilitarians


Where there is darkness and doom,

And the people feel defeated.

Join The Hope Brigade.


When you are punished for your truthfulness,

And humiliated for your virtue.

Join The Hope Brigade.


In times of strife, when you think of quitting.

While fear enchants your counterfeit self.

Where despair does its violence.

Recall your ability to perform feats of wizardry.

And Join The Hope Brigade.


The crowd will beckon you to become much as them.

To disregard your nature and destroy your power.

To stifle your instinct so the assassins of ordinary can rule each of your hours.

Walk amongst the mass yet honor the fury of your truth.

With the promise of your ideals.

And Join The Hope Brigade.


When you wonder if you matter,

In the mornings of your angst,

Consider the gladiator

Speak to your bravery.

Advancing resolutely amid any uncertainty

And Join The Hope Brigade.


Has love torn your heart.

Does life seem too hard.

Do you feel alone?


Is adversity more common than triumph.

Has worry welcomed you more than cheer.

A new dawn is coming.

The fruits of your goodness are growing.

Have faith in Fortune’s fairness.

Riches of joy are en route.

Gifts of protection, peace and possibility 

have been placed in your future.

So Join The Hope Brigade.

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