One of the concepts that I teach is that of “distributed leadership.”

I encourage my business clients to set up their firms so that every single employee is taught to see themselves as CEOSBUs: Chief Executive Officer of their own Small Business Unit that rests inside the larger company.

In a sense, my client who owns the enterprise is like an investor in the small business unit that the employee is responsible for running.

An employee who handles customer success then becomes the CEO of a small business unit required to grow sales, manage costs and wow the people who do business with you.

An employee in sales is now the CEO of a little shop that needs to become world-class at confirming deals.

An employee in accounting must now think like the CEO of her own venture so that profits grow and complexity is cut.

So if my client has say one thousand employees everyone becomes a leader of sorts.

The company becomes a 1000 Leader Company.

...leadership isn’t only for those with formal authority. It’s distributed. And everyone needs to think, perform and operate from this frame of reference.

This makes the organization undefeatable in its marketplace.

...because each person is thinking like a leader rather than like an employee.

...because every teammate is behaving like an entrepreneur rather than as a passive bystander.

...because with everyone leading regardless of whether they have a title or not, the firm becomes a widespread victim-free zone.

Hope this message helps you build an extraordinary company and an exceptional movement in these uncertain times.

Kindest wishes,


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