Each of us has an inner hero wishing to see the light of day.

All of us have a luminous Call on our lives—some mighty mission that our destiny demands that we experience.

...To fail to do so is to imprison the glorious fire within us.

...And to generate a well of pain at our core.

I do believe that ordinary people can ascend to superhuman.

And so...

…I’d like to offer you 11 Rules that I encourage you to begin training on to make your rise, starting today:

#1. To be scared is not a sin. To stay stuck just might be.

#2. Great things happen to good people. Give gifts of value, encouragement and mastery consistently.

#3. Personal heroism isn’t a lucky break. It’s a daily practice. Genius takes work.

#4. Prosperity is the result of radical generosity. Karma is real.

#5. Haters will hate all over people doing amazing things. Continue at all costs. And don’t waste your time on them.

#6. Extreme success requires deliberate soulfulness. Refueling and resting isn’t a waste of time. It’s part of winning. Balance is a necessity of legendary.

#7. The marketplace rewards original value and dangerous imagination. Stop being a clone. Innovate.

#8. Daily optimization provokes a tsunami of evolution, if you give it enough time.

#9. Your morning routine is the engine for dazzlingly great days. Commit to nailing it.

#10. The minute you accept your current standards is the moment you’re on the path to irrelevance. Heroes are masters of “satisfied discontent”.

#11. Life is too short to play small with your talent.

I wish you only excellence, greatness and days filled with pure magic.

And to do something extremely special for you to help you thrive in this hard time...

...I’ve given you access to my latest eBook, The World-Changer's Manifesto for absolutely zero cost.  

Go ahead and claim your free copy here.

Hope all this helps.

Stand strong and be of good courage.

Love + Respect,


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