There was once a little boy...

...he was full of creativity, fire and love.

...he lived with wonder, wanted to be heroic and was absolutely present, to every moment.

...he truly believed he was a giant, brave and strong and fierce.

...and he truly thought he was a pirate, making his own rules, playing his own game and leading his original life.

But... school, his teachers taught him to be like everyone else. Walk in a single file. Smother his confidence for the sake of fitting in. Stifle his heartfelt dreams. Never be a giant. Be a small child, they said. home, his parents told him to follow their rules, to fit into society and to put on a fake mask of superficiality, as he walked into the community. "Stop being a pirate," they said, “be realistic and practical and ordinary."

And so...

...the little boy began to forget who he really was. A giant with great powers and lofty ambitions. And a pirate, who protected his authenticity and loved being different.

...he went through school. Studied hard. Got a job. Was married. Had children. Bought an average house on an average street and ate average food and had average friends and thought average thoughts and felt average feelings and made average money and had average routines and lived an average life.


...he forgot he was a giant. And a pirate.

Oh--I should tell you:

...when the boy became old, he began to forget other things, like his phone number and his favorite food. As he grew even older, he started forgetting where he lived, the name of his wife and how his children looked. When he was extremely old, he actually forgot who he was. In the world.

On the last hour of his final day, he did remember something though...

...that he was a giant. And that he was a pirate.

You were born with a mission. You have profound genius within you, as neuroscience is now confirming [I hope you've discovered all of this new research; if you don't, you will be left behind by those who do]. You truly have been made to win.

...the dreams you hold deep in your heart can be done. And your past sufferings can be transformed into strengths, stepping stones and the fire of undefeatability. You can live the remainder of your life in the way you once hoped you could [before the giant and pirate within you was programmed out of you].

But I'll be direct because I'm serious about helping you: if you keep doing these 3 things, you'll destroy your beautiful potential to live a gorgeous life:

#1. Keep running your same mental stories about who you can't be, why you can't win and all you can't do. [learning principle: your personal story becomes your self-fulfilling prophecy].

#2. Forget that today can be the first day of your new life, if you make some new choices. [learning principle: your daily decisions manufacture all future performance].

#3. Not investing in yourself so your mindset, heartset, healthset and soulset are raised to rare-air levels. [learning principle: the great masters all know this one secret: income never exceeds self-identity + impact never rises above personal bravery. So this is where much of your time must be spent].

So what should you do today to dramatically change the game for yourself?

...for 20+ years of my life, I've been teaching billionaires, NBA stars, famous CEOs and movie icons what to do each day to reset their thinking and behavior so they generate the explosive results they never seemed to be able to have before... elite private coaching circle IconX [where I show select entrepreneurs how to become history-makers] has a one year long waiting list. Even then, very few make it in. flagship 4-day experience that happens every December, The Titan Summit, has had Richard Branson, Shaquille O'Neal and the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, on my faculty and has become one of the hottest [and hardest] rooms to get into for business-builders who want to become world-changers.

But I wanted to share my proprietary methods with a larger group as so many people in our world want to live heroic lives while they make our world a better place.

And so...

...two years ago, I deconstructed the best insights, methods and tools that I'd been quietly sharing with many of the world's most successful people into a remarkable 2-day live event.

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...because they don't want to waste the rest of their lives figuring things out on their own.

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Yes, I'm putting all of the risk on my own shoulders so you have none on yours.

So you truly have no risk whatsoever and the life you've always hoped for to gain.

...remember that giant in you who is powerful, fearless and unbeatable? And the pirate, who wants to do things your own way and be true to yourself?

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Remember, the 2-day live event helped people:

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--develop an unbeatable mindset, Navy Seal-level discipline and massive confidence so they own the game.

--discover the daily habits and private rituals of the most successful people on Earth.

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Love + respect,

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Be great. You deserve it. And so does our world.

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