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With better awareness, you can make better choices. And with better choices, you're going to see better results. I mean, it's the awareness that you bring to every day based on your learning, based on your investments in training.

Well, what does that do? It gives you the ability each day to make better choices, better decisions. When you look at a great life, it's just a series of beautiful choices done daily, stacked on over time. When you get great awareness, heightened awareness, more acute awareness, of what it means to be a leader, an elite performer, an A player, an awesome human being, an epic producer, a fit human being, a loving human, it just goes on. With that awareness, via your learning, you can make better decisions every day. Better choices.

With better daily decisions that most people just don't have the acumen to make, what happens? You're going to get better results. If you do that every single day, you've heard my brain tattoo over and over, and I share it over and over, because repetition is the mother of mastery installation. Small, daily, seemingly insignificant improvements, when done consistently over time, will lead you to stunning results.

Researchers like Angela Duckworth at University of Pennsylvania have coined a term, mundanity. When they have studied the West Point graduates, the best salespeople, the best students. These people are practicing mundanity. Mundanity just means it's the seemingly invisible, unimportant
daily habits, rituals, routines, iterations, optimizations, that just don't seem like they matter. They're so simple to do. They're so simple and easy not to do. But mundanity means just like Kobe, just like Federer, just like Lewis Hamilton, just like Jean Michel Basquiat, just like Ferran Adrià, the great chef, and Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio, a Beyoncé,  a Kanye. These people understand that it's the small, little, micro wins, done via practice every day, that leads to gorgeous, sustainable, magnificent results. 

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