Hope you’re doing well.

Sure there are memes rolling around suggesting that we should just write off 2020. Delete it. Forget it never happened.

And, of course, it’s been a year of deep loss and cataclysmic change.

And yet, speaking as I do to the entrepreneurs I personally mentor, it’s also an amazing time for personal transformation and business acceleration.

The best time to grow is when it’s easy to contract.

Here are 5 trends to think about and then initiate your mastery around so that 2020 is not only not a bad year of your valuable life but one of the best ones yet:

Trend #1: Entrepreneurial Darwinism

If you’re in business, the groovy days are gone and only the fittest will survive.

You absolutely need to shed excess expenses, seek out operational efficiencies and rework your shop so that you deliver astonishing value in a market where your competition is charging the same amount and giving customers less [just to survive].

Use what life is sending us to build a x100 better enterprise that will stand the test of time.

Trend #2: False Optimism

The global economy is not in recovery.

All the stimulus can make it look like things are getting better yet the reality that I humbly invite you to meditate upon is that national debts have never been so high, the pandemic is causing second waves of devastation and those who used leverage to grow are now standing on shaky legs.

I recommend that you hope for the best and plan for the worst. Like any thinking business leader would do.

Trend #3: Digital Domination

While the majority of firms struggle, the FAANGS soar. [Facebook + Amazon + Apple + Netflix + Google].

I know it sounds obvious yet only antifragile organizations are winning. And many of those are not of the terrestrial world—they operate within the digital domain.

Think Zoom and Shopify. Think UberEats and Slack. Think Tik-Tok and Click-Clock [okay, I’m joking about the last one; just wanted to make you smile in this “fascinating” epoch we live in right now :)]

People won’t be gathering in large masses for quite a while, I sense. And so those businesses that can deliver their products and services via bytes will dominate.

Trend #4: Reverse Globalization

Offshoring is becoming reshoring. Countries that used to collaborate now go it alone. Nations that used to welcome others are closing borders [for reasons other than COVID-19].

It used to be a small world. We could hop on a plane and go anywhere we wished to. It was easy to trade internationally. Now the globe is getting bigger again. More isolationism. More domestic-centricity.

The smart entrepreneur will still think global yet also will seek out victory locally.

Trend #5: Human Awakening

“Chaos gives birth to dancing stars,” said Nietzsche. I completely believe he was right.

The old way must die for new (and better) ways to rise.

All change really is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master knows is the butterfly,” wrote Richard Bach.

I do feel sad about all the sad things that have happened across the planet in 2020.

I’m immensely sensitive to the pain and plight of others. So this year has hurt.

And yet, I feel vast hope for what’s coming.

...there’s less pollution than there’s been in years as factories have closed and traffic has decreased.

...people are [slowly] treating each other with more justice, fairness, respect and love. Thank God.

...more individuals than I’ve ever seen are using the volatility to turn within, reclaim their gifts and wake up to who (and all) they truly are.

These brave and good souls understand that the quickest way to uplift the world is to upgrade themselves and so are committing to self-mastery practice, as never before.

And this is such an inspiring trend to behold.

If these 5 trends I’ve walked you through speak to you AND...

...you’d like my help in seizing them so your business flourishes amid the mess ahead while you serve more people beautifully AND...

...you’d like to make this period of uncertainty and turmoil the period that you experience the most glorious personal transformation of your entire lifetime...

...while battleproofing your business so it endures through all the chaos [more is coming] and then flies when all this is over...

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Hope all this helps you.

Better days are coming. Use this stormy season to grow, strengthen and serve.

Love + respect,


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