A fire blazes as I write this message to you.

Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth With Money in My Hand by The Primitive Radio Gods plays. I know it’s an ancient song. Yet it lifts my vibe. And makes me a little sad.

I wanted to share a chapter from the new book I’m writing with you. The chapter is called The 6 Months Left to Live Question.

And here it is...

Just imagine. For only a second. That you had merely six months left to live.

...6 short months to do all those things you’d promised yourself you’d do.

...6 months to visit the Taj Mahal and listen to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and see the Mona Lisa and walk along The Great Wall of China.

...6 months to write letters of forgiveness to those who wronged you and letters of love to those who cherished you. And only saw the light within you.

If you had just six months left to live, what things would you simply stop doing?

And what things would you have the boldness and wisdom and strength of heart to begin doing?

...like writing of the best meals you’ve ever had and reflecting on the finest moments you’ve been blessed to enjoy.

...like saying aloud “I love you” to all the people who you’ve never felt safe enough to say this to [but need to hear the extent of your love for them before you go back to the great wide open space from which you came].

...like taking that trip of a lifetime or planting a special rose garden.

...like eating more carbs and gulping more ice cream.

...like reading the books you were too busy to read and going to the art galleries that you said you’d visit some day. When you had more time and less to do.

...like being with family, mostly. And taking long walks in your favorite forest while the rain falls and the sun sets.

What is it that you would do? With only 6 months of life left to live.

This is the question I ask of you. So you live all that remains of your precious and soaring and lovely life well.

I’d love to help you play at your absolute best, in this era of immense upheaval. And so...

...I’m super excited to share that I’ve created a robust new audio program called The Victory Over Difficulty Anthem.

...I’m even happier to share that I’m giving it to you for free [even though it has a $95 value]. I’m doing this to celebrate your promise and to honor your gifts. You’re going to find this audio program really helpful to stay strong, positive and excellent during the pandemic.

Get my new audio program for free here.

Wishing you all my best. This is your time. Stay positive and productive and peaceful.

Love + respect,


P.S. Regarding the massive global interest on the release date of my new book [it's almost done!], my publisher has asked that the date not be made public yet...

...the manuscript is in the copy editing stage and we really want to get everything right before it’s ready to be sent out into your hands.

...we are working tirelessly. I thank you for all the encouragement and your patience with me taking so long to complete the work.

...I pray you find the new book deeply helpful and valuable. Thank you.

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