Success without significance is an empty win.

I’ve spent 24 years advising billionaires, celebrated CEOs and other titans of industry on how to multiply their income, lift their influence + unleash their highest impact. Here’s one of the strange paradoxes I’ve observed: A number of them are super-wealthy but very poor. They have money yet lack meaning. They have a large net worth but low self-worth. They have jets and yachts but no joy and peace. [A lot of people with a lot of money, aren't very wealthy.] 

So why measure your success by the suggestions of society when you can become a success on your own terms? Measure your success by the reputation you build, the mastery of your craft, and the value you create. 


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Hi, it's Robin Sharma. Hope you are great. I wanted to just share a few of my thoughts on what it means to be successful. Society sells us these values that success is about your net worth, and your income, and the amount of applause, and prestige and material goods you have in the world. And yet, I've worked with a lot of the most successful people in the world and I realized there are a lot of people who have a lot of money and not much else. What if you pursued those worldly things, but you also played by a different standard, and you truly measured success by your vitality and longevity by your human connections with your family and loved ones and strangers by the amount of joy, inner peace and soulfulness you have? If those were your metrics, your life would be fundamentally different. Make sure you share this message with someone who can benefit by it, and I thank you for listening. 

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