The news sells us a view of the world that all too many of us think to be truth.

It focuses on political divides, economic upheaval and environmental decay.

Is this not what’s occurring on our planet?

Yes, it is. Yet, what about everything else? Isn’t it essential to consider the full picture?

...there have never been so many opportunities for creators to do amazing things.

...with so many people running for the hills, innovators and dreamers have far less competition.

...while there is immense and intense social turmoil, I’ve also never seen so many people displaying good virtue, deep wisdom and stunning compassion.

I am so very optimistic over what’s coming. And you should be too.

Yes, it will be messy for a while yet that’s just how life works. Old structures must collapse for new and better ones to begin.

Which brings me to The Anti-Pessimist Rule: to prosper where few do, one must seek out the hidden positives that few seek.

To triumph in these times you really must become a contrarian and process events through a completely different operating system than the majority uses.

Tactically this means...

...don’t consume much news as it’ll deplete your game and degrade your energy, taking you off of hunting down opportunity. even harder to count your daily blessings and do your gratitude practice in your journal.

...start planning out 2021 as if it’s going to be the single finest year of your life so you leverage the power of the self-fulfilling prophecy and make this vision real.

...put away your phone for long blocks of time to do the powerful work that will cause you to lead your field (pandemic or not).

...calibrate your morning routine so you start your day mentally strong, emotionally light, physically energized and spiritually anchored.

...”stick to your knitting” and stay ultra-concentrated only on those pursuits within your control (deepening personal mastery, forging even better family unity and making your masterpieces) versus worrying about things you cannot control (which is a recipe for dramatic misery).

I do hope this message inspires positivity and pushes you to make some changes so you avoid the disease of pessimism.

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Stand strong. And remain of great courage. Amazing days are ahead!

Love + respect,


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