I buy more books than I’ll ever read in my lifetime. Why? Because I know that all it takes is one idea read in a single book to transform the way you work – and the way you live. One idea. And so I buy books. Constantly. Passionately. Hungrily. Searching for that One Idea. That will change the way I think/feel/behave. And view the world. And it’s never to late to find that book. And to learn.

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Education is inoculation against disruption. The person who learns the most truly wins. I mean, you shift from a job to a craft when you make a commitment inside which is, I don't care how great I am. Doesn't matter how old I am. Not relevant how long I've been in the industry. I need to learn as much as I can to stay relevant. I mean, Bono of U2 said, "U2 has been on the verge of irrelevant for 20 years." I mean, you want to be a little scared to be obsolete.And so the antidote to obsolescence is lifelong learning and when I hang out with the A-players and when I see the Titans, I got to tell you, they love learning. I mean, I still remember sharing the platform with Jack Welsh. 

We all know Jack Welch, General Electric and he heard me speak after I heard him speaking. Where was he sitting? He was sitting in the front row.  I asked him, I said, "Jack, why are you in the front row?" He said,"The moment I think I know everything. Is the moment I have no right to be in business any more." So you want to really make a commitment to your learning, your mindset, reading the books, watching the videos, getting in the online courses, going to a conference every quarter, but investing in your knowledge base because knowledge truly is power and you are one idea away from an idea that will change your industry and transform your life, you just have to find that idea.

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