There was once a billionaire who had all the money in the world but not much else.

Sure he possessed regal mansions, royal yachts and jewels of every sort.

But each morning, when he awoke, his heart longed for a wealth that felt more true.

As a child, he sensed he had gifts within him that could produce artistry, talents inside him that would reveal mastery and potential that just might astound humanity.

As a young man, he knew the secret to a special life was less about things–and more about experiences. Less about getting and more about growing. Less about taking and more about giving.

Along with…

…discovering beauty in unexpected places, doing work that enriched his spirit, being kind to strangers on everyday streets and passing through each day with simple grace. And quiet strength.

But as he grew older, and as he accumulated his vast fortune, those ideals became less important.

He stopped thinking about his special life. And started living fully in society.

One day, the billionaire met a beggar on a road.

The beggar’s clothing was tattered. The old man’s hair was in knots. A tin can sat before him. With only a few coins in it.

Yet, for all his seeming poverty, the beggar had an exquisite richness about him. The kind cash can never buy.

“You’ve lost your way, haven’t you,” spoke the beggar. “I sense you have everything yet you feel very little. You own so much in the world but remember so little of your true–and best–self.”

“Yes,” admitted the billionaire. “Yes, you’re right.”

“Who are you when no one is watching you?” Questioned the beggar.

“What are the deepest longings of your heart and the most daring dreams of your soul?”

“Are you intimate with your greatness? And in relationship with your highness?”

“This is the wealth that the wise amongst us know of.”

The billionaire stared at the beggar.

“How do you know me so well?” he wondered aloud.

“I know you because I was once you. And my misfortune can serve as your lesson.”

“It’s never too late to remember who you truly are, you know,” offered the beggar as he scratched his ancient beard.

“And this new day offers you a second chance at beginning your finest life. It’s never too late to be who you wish to be. And lead the life I trust your heart aches to live.”

The billionaire closed his eyes for a moment.

The billionaire felt tears in his eyes. Over the years he’d betrayed himself. And the regrets that had consumed him. He vowed to change.

Not just for he and those he loved most. But for the world. That demanded more of his genuine nature. And brightest light.

The billionaire promised himself–that from then on–he’d only release work that was poetic. That he’d develop the people at his businesses. That he’d serve more humans in the marketplace and within communities. That he’d take more risks and count more blessings.

And that he’d model possibility while dedicating himself to philanthropy. For the benefit of humanity.

He also told himself he’d be more vulnerable, fill the holes within him he’d been trying to mask with materialism, become a better man and show up as a dramatically kinder person.

As he opened his eyes, he saw that the beggar was gone.

And where he had sat was a torn piece of paper that simply read:

“Every life matters. Every one of us can be great. Each day is a gift. Today’s a perfect time to start. I believe in you. You have what this journey takes. And I love you.”

2017 is a precious platform you’ve been blessed with.

–To unchain your potential.

–To elevate the caliber of your work.

–To serve your customers vividly.

–To multiply your health beautifully.

–To get lofty ambitions done.

–To install the skills of the titans.

–To forgive those yet unforgiven.

–To exemplify strength, honor and decency.

–To start living with true beauty.

This–above all else–is my vast wish for you…

…I’m here to help you. To inspire you. To serve as an instructor for your genius and a champion of your bigness.

We CAN do this together. Just because last year may not have been amazing doesn’t mean that this year can’t be iconic.

But PLEASE do something to get the process started. Make a decision, read a book, take a leap, start a course.

It doesn’t have to be one of mine. Just do something now. And then again tomorrow. And the day after. And when it’s easy. And definitely when it’s hard.

If you’d like me to help you make 2017 the single best year of your life yet, I’d LOVE to work with you.

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