I’m recalibrating my craft in 2017. I’ll be trying some new things, taking some new professional risks and playing in some new green fields.

One of the things I’ve decided is that I only want to work with clients who fuel my energy, take my methodology and make big things happen with it and are fully invested in elevating our world in the process.

Those moments in Nelson Mandela’s prison cell on Robben Island a few months ago really did rewire me, at some core level.

And I’ve never been so full of fire to inspire ‎as many people as I can. Who knows how long I’ll be blessed to live. I need to heighten my service and unchain my impact now.

And so I need you with me in this movement. Please.

And I need you to make a pact with yourself that you’ll exert the bravery to make yourself ‎as focused, healthy, creative, productive, energetic, loving and wise as you possibly can–as quickly as you can, as we start 2017.


–do not read the rest of this message if‎ you seek no more from your life over the rest of this new year…

–do not read the remainder of this message if you have no interest in mastering your thinking, unleashing your vitality‎, opening your heart and honoring your spirit so you make a mark on our world

–do not read what’s left in this message if you’re content with the way you work, happy with the income you earn and just fine with your influence on your industry


–if you want to use 2017 as a platform to present your hidden greatness to the planet

–and if you’re tired of feeling the wonder-full dreams within you never get done

–and if you are exhausted by feeling each day is always the same as the one before it and your best life is just passing you by

–and if you want to do work that is brilliant, live a lifestyle that is magnificent and lead life at a profoundly beautiful level…

then you absolutely need to watch the final video in my free Make 2017 Your Greatest Year Yet training series.

This last video brings everything I’ve shared with you this month about maximum productivity, elite performance and leading a rare-air life together.

Definitely watch it now [and all the way to the end as I make a big announcement at the end]:


Play: Adventure Video 2017


This video will teach you:

–how to think like the giants of business and humanity

–why your daily training for personal mastery is the best work you could possibly do

–ways the pros stay confident and strong in hard times

–the value of seeking rejection en route to living an exceptional life.

It’s a really valuable video that will really help you start 2017 super-strong. So you get the fire to set you into achieving the early wins that will ensure the next months are the finest months of your life yet.

You can do this. Stop waiting. Start learning…

Go ahead and watch the whole video here


I am totally dedicated to helping you make the changes and see the results in 2017 that you’ve never seemed to be able to get in your life.

There are just too many people who could be doing epic things with their lives but aren’t, because no one has ever taught them the insights, habits, practices and ways of being of the best.

I’ll be direct [with respect] because I care about you, your potential to win and the responsibility we all have to show our gifts to the world…

if you don’t make some changes now, nothing will change for you this new year.

Every great performer has one thing in common: they have a coach. [Because you just can’t raise your game + your impact significantly alone].

So I’m with you. I really do have your back. I fully want you to fly this year…

…for weeks, people have been asking when I’ll be opening doors to my famous online course Your Absolute Best Year Yet, the life-changing program that has allowed me to coach many thousands of people just like you on the advanced success formulas I’ve shared with ‎the billionaires, CEOs + Titans I’ve advised.

This online personal transformation + elite productivity program is widely considered one of the best in the world. BECAUSE IT WORKS.

I believe in the course so much I’ve put a 100% zero-questions asked money-back guarantee on it. So you have no risk whatsoever to test it out for 30 days.

So why wouldn’t you do this?

As usual, we only have a limited number of memberships and doors‎ will close soon.

Go ahead and snap up your membership here before it’s too late.

Wishing you and your loved ones a gargantuan New Year.

With love + respect,


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–transform their health and fitness

–build fortunes of prosperity

–recode their mindsets for happiness

–lift their lifestyles so they are happier

–do work that has meaning and impacts others

As usual, memberships are very limited so if you wait, you might be too late.

It’s fully guaranteed for 30 days so you have zero risk to try this world-famous online program out. And everything to gain.

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Hope all this helps you fly in 2017!

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