You CAN recode your Mindset so you win. In today's episode of The Daily Mastery Podcast, I share a daily tactic that will help you create The Elite-Performer's Blueprint. Once applied, this practice will change the game for you. 

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It involves a journal and it's what I call, "My I am 25 practice." You basically finish the sentence, "I am whatever," 25 times. It might look like this for you. If you want to become more humble, write down “I am more humble”. Then you get to your next one, “I am more prosperous.” “I am more excellent.” :I am more brave.” “I am more loving.” “I am more innovative.” “I am more energetic.” “I am more inspired.”

You do that 25 times in your journal on a regular basis, what does that do? It creates a blueprint within your subconscious mind of the elite performer you want to become. Then that thinking will become your way of being. 

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