Victims make excuses. Leaders deliver results.

Your excuses are liars, your doubts are thieves. The more times in a day that you rationalize why you can’t become all that you wish to be or handcraft the life that your best self wants, the more you’ll hardwire the neural circuit of that belief into your brain.

And that which you keep practicing is that which you’ll become a pro at. We become amazing at the things we repeat.

If you keep excusing away your power to do remarkable things, grow stronger amid adversity, and live the life of your ideals, you won’t do the work required to realize these feats.

So your very mental habit will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. And actually limit the glory of your potentially awesome reality.

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To make the leap from the 95% to the rare air of the 5% in terms of no more excuses and start producing results. Victims love excuses. The game changer is all about results. The ordinary person or the average person will recite their excuses very day. Here's why I can't get fit. Here's why I can't do great work. Here's why I'm not happy. Here's why there's no prosperity in my life. Here's why I have no love in my life. The problem is if you recite your excuses you actually train your brain to believe they are true. The game changer is all about results. Here's what I am doing. No more excuses, more rolling up your sleeves and driving execution.

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