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Remember, you're only human. It is such a great pull when you start to move to higher grades of victory to stop doing the very things that made you successful, to stop learning, to stop going to art galleries, to stop having a mentor, to stop getting up early, to stop taking care of your health set, to stop polishing your beliefs. It is so easy to fall in love with success and that's why being successful is actually very dangerous because you might stop doing the very things that brought your magic to the world. So, if you want to continually be upgrading your performances, never lose that white belt mentality. Never think you're a master. Actually, one thing about masters, they never think they are masters. And the moment you think you are
a master, the moment you think you're the most important person in every room that you're in, the moment that your ego screams more loudly than your hunger to grow and represent mastery is the beginning of your descent into obsolescence and irrelevance.

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