You can fit in with the herd. Or you can change the world. You don’t get to do both.

We are schooled, from a young age, to think like everyone thinks, behave like the majority behaves and talk like society talks.

In the process, we lose ourselves.

—we disconnect with the gifts that make us special

—we defy our originality and become like most of humanity

—we mistrust our instincts and neglect our intuition

—we de-listen to our values and those things that are most true to our hearts.

To become a leader is not simply to show the way for others. To lead is to express more of your trueness. When it’s easy and especially within a crisis.

I believe we place too much weight on being liked by the cool crowd. It’s far wiser to be loved by yourself. For being the real deal.

For everyone asking, my new book is now at HarperCollins being proofread. The cover is being created. We’ll have the book in your hands as soon as we can. It’s like nothing you’ve ever read. And I do pray it transforms your world.

Here’s a pic of the last version of the manuscript before I submitted it:

Thanks to all my readers from around the world for encouraging me through the very difficult process of writing it.

Stand strong. Be at peace. Reach for great.

Love + respect,


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