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So, minimalism is often considered as a design philosophy, right? It's very stark, very sparse, sometimes industrial, lots of white, not a lot of things. It's like you go into a boutique hotel, and it's designed by Philippe Starck, the great French designer, and it's very minimalist. What I'm encouraging you to do with great love and respect is to be ultra productive, adopt the mindset of learned minimalism.Now, I've worked with a lot of the most creative and productive people on the planet. I've worked with billionaires and CEOs. I've worked with true titans. Here's one thing I've observed in them. They understand that the secret to genius is not complexity. It's simplicity. If you look at a Picasso of any industry, if you look at a great artist, they didn't fill their workdays and their personal lives with a lot of things, they filled them with a few things. I guess what I'm suggesting to you is one of the secrets to iconic productivity, is be mono-maniacally focused at being world-class at just a few things. And if you look at any great artist, any great entrepreneur, any great business builder, any great author, any great humanitarian, they were mono-maniacally focused on one thing. They were minimalists.And so what I want to leave you with is this. Maybe this year, rather than having 50 projects that you want to achieve at the highest level, maybe pick three. This year, rather than having a thousand Facebook friends, maybe go deepen, develop three really great relationships. This year, or maybe the next few months, rather than trying to read 20 audio books, 50 eBooks, go to five courses, why not focus on one course and one audio book? And why not study one great autobiography? Maybe it's Isaacson's autobiography of Steve Jobs. Maybe it's Nelson Mandela's autobiography. I'm going through The Autobiography Of Martin Luther King, Jr. right now, which actually wasn't written by him, but it's called The Autobiography Of Martin Luther King, Jr. I am encouraging you to really adopt this thinking protocol of becoming a minimalist. Even your home, fill it with just a few things, right? Even your work life, just a few projects. Even your clients, just the highest leverage clients. And especially your days, focus, focus, focus on just those few priorities, that when you roll up your sleeves and go deep in them, and invest what I call the trinity of your assets, your focus, your energy, and your willpower, on those few things. They will allow you to birth art into the world, which will allow the world to call you world-class.

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