Be deep vs. be light. World-class lives in a fanatical devotion to perfection on the tiny details. At a hotel I visited, they de-seeded the lemon wedges. Dial in your craft.

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Be deep versus be light. Be deep. This is a gorgeous opportunity to build a monopoly of mastery within your industry. You want to be so good at what you do, that when we watch you in action, tears come to our eyes. People will rise to their feet and applaud you. How do you do that? You separate yourself from the way most people operate in business and in life. You go deep. We live in a world that is really suffering from the cult of superficiality. Everything is fast. Everything is quick. Everything is light.

Imagine, you resolve today, “I will be deep when I do work, when I work on a project, when I build a client relationship, when I work with a personal relationship, when I install a new habit.” It's not going to be light. I'm not going to be superficial. I'm going to go deep. I'm going to bring rigor to my game. Let's say you're installing a new habit. Let's say it's my famous 5AM Club. You start reading all the literature on the neurobiology of early rising. You actually read all of the books on habit installation. You actually find a coach, let's say, to help you install the 5AM routine. You actually build out a protocol to mark your progress.

I'm just saying, could you imagine rather than going very wide in your work or very wide in your personal life, you dial it in with a monomaniacal focus to be genius-level at just a few things? That's rigor. Rigor is really an approach. I was in Lucerne, Switzerland, a few months ago and I was working on my new book. Someone delivered some tea and I'd asked for some fresh lemon. What I noticed is whoever had sliced the lemons took the time to de-seed the lemon wedges. And that's really your metaphor for this podcast. That's what this lesson is all about. Be deep versus be light.

It's about de-seeding the lemon wedges on the areas of focus that are most important to you. Anyone can just cut the lemon wedges and hand them to you, but this producer had the discipline, the bravery, the acumen, the commitment, the devotion to actually take the time to de-seed the lemon wedges.

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