The world is in an acute state of disruption. Old structures are crumbling. Why? To make way for new ones. Business is experiencing cataclysmic change. Former ways of doing things just don’t work anymore. Clinging to the past is inviting disaster. The very definition of success is now different. Fundamentally different.

One of the biggest ways success in business and life will be defined under the new world order will be through leadership. More than ever, leadership at all levels of your organization will be your core competitive advantage. And leadership (without a title) will be the defining trait of successful communities, nations – and human lives.

I’ve been evangelizing this simple message at corporate conferences and events across the planet for years and it comes down to this: Only those companies willing to grow leaders at ALL levels and only those people committed to leading without a title will win. Period. The others will fail. They won’t get through the transition in a way that leaves their market position intact. They won’t have what it takes to be remarkable and extraordinary and superb in all they do. Leadership is now mission-critical. And to repeat: you don’t need a title to do it.

I just met a man who gets it. He’s not a CEO. He’s not a VP. He’s not famous. He’s an ordinary man. I met him in the lobby of our offices at Sharma Leadership International Inc. He’s laying our new carpet. And he made me think. Deeply.

I complimented him for his excellent work. He smiled. Told me he’s been laying carpet for 55 years. Told me he’s from Northern Ireland. Told me there’s few things as important as feeling pride on a job well done.

He worked quickly – for hours – pausing only to have a fast sip of tea from a scratched up old kettle. He sang while he worked. He innovated by adding a border to the carpet that I’d never seen anyone add before. And he worked with excellence-leaving no detail missed. Isn’t that what leadership is all about?

I asked him if he’s open to me interviewing him via video. His reply: ‘if it’ll help people” (or something pretty close to that). Guess what, you’ll get to see him soon as we launch my new vLog right here on our site. And if you will be attending any of my corporate or public sessions on Leadership Without a Title on my upcoming tour of Mumbai, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, JoBurg and Capetown, you’ll probably get to see him on the big screen. I hope you do. Because he’s an inspiration. And the kind of leader that we need to see more of in this messy world.

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